Self portrait

Hello people!

Back in March 2010, I came to Argentina for what was to be a four-month trip. A year later, I live and work in Buenos Aires.

I’m a Persian twenty-something year-old girl who lived most of her life in U.S. I love to travel (who doesn’t?) and have seen quite a bit of Europe in the past few years. Practicing Spanish and exploring a region new to me were my motives for coming to Argentina. Its rich culture, pumping night scene, varied landscapes and easy access to other countries are what made me stay.

The Blog
When I completed my one-year anniversary here, I crazily thought that I hadn’t done much during the past 12 months. That I hadn’t made good use of the time I’ve been here to travel, visit museums, bond with new friends. Then I looked at the 2,000 photos I’ve accumulated and reminisced of all that I had experienced.

Photos are worth more than a 1,000 words and are a great way to share my experience with friends, family, and anyone else interested. Argentina will be as much a focal point for this blog as it is for my life right now, but this isn’t meant to be a travel guide or exhaustive travel journal. Just one snapshot, one story.

Keep in touch!
I’d love to get to know those reading this blog, whether through your comments, e-mails, or tweets.

E-mail: RiaziSnaps@gmail.com
Twitter: @Redfelfel


5 Responses to About

  1. 1cruzdelsur says:

    Wonderful blog. You have much reason the pictures on the blog are always talking and allow the reader to imagine the places. I also write a bit of my experience in Patagonia and in South America, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile and of course my country. We hope you can appreciate my blog.
    I’ll be happy.
    Sorry for my English, or I can also write in Spanish.
    Cruz del Sur

    • Riazi Snaps says:

      Hola! Gracias por el lindo comentario! Ay todavia me falta conocer Brazil y Chile…

      • 1cruzdelsur says:

        Gracias por tu respuesta. Será un placer seguirte en tu blog y estoy a tu disposición para cualquier consulta de viajes a Brasil y Chile y por supuesto de mi país…
        Estamos en contacto, aquí tienes a un colega que escribe en wordpress…
        Saludos para ti…

  2. Cheval John says:

    Hola, Riazi, como esta? Bueno, me gusta esta blog y no puedo esperar para ver mas de que usted va a escribir. Yo vive en Chile por tres meses durante el verano de 2009 y me encanta mucho. Usted es vivo porque ha hecho la decision para vivir en un pais extranjero. One day, I am planning to live in a foreign country for a year or more. Buena suerte.

    • Riazi Snaps says:

      Hola! Gracias por el lindo comentario! Y perdon por el atraso de la respuesta…no se como podía no haber visto el mensaje antes! Espero saber mas de vos y de tus viajes. Un abrazo.

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