Partying like it’s 1392

Fire in Rosario

The flame that burns in honor of the dead at the National Flag Memorial in Rosario, Argentina.

Many think of this past Wednesday as a change in season. For my friends in DC, this is the time of blossoming flowers and warmer days ahead. For my friends in Buenos Aires, it’s the beginning of colder months as we move into fall. But for me and my Persian mafia worldwide, this past Wednesday was most important as the start of 1392 – the Iranian New Year.

Iran adopts a calendar different from most countries, beginning the year with the vernal (a.k.a. spring) equinox. One of the pros of being raised between two cultures is that, while I usually fail my first New Year’s resolution by February, I get a second chance in March to start afresh.

Since the Persian community is scarce in Buenos Aires, I did not have the usual fair of Nowrouz (translated as “new day”) parties to share with this blog. To hold true to the one snapshot rule, I’ve posted a picture from the National Flag Memorial in Rosario because of the burning flame.

How could I possibly draw a connection between this and a Persian holiday?

Before Nowrouz, we make sure to end the year with fervor in celebration of Chaharshanbeh Souri (the last Wednesday of the year). Most notable is our ritual of jumping over three bonfires. The idea is to release all of one’s problems to the past and begin the new year with warmth and happiness.

To all my Persian friends, Happy Nowrouz!

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