Jack Sparrow in San Telmo

Jack Sparrow in San Telmo!

Hello, hello. Riazi Snaps is back from its impromptu hiatus and has missed you all dearly.

These months apart have been a whirlwind. New job, (soon to be) new apartment, and memorable travels throughout Argentina. Rather than backtrack these past few months, I’d rather focus on the present…partying with Jack Sparrow in San Telmo!

Theme parties are popular in Argentina, with a much more creative twist than the common toga or color-themed parties that I’ve been to in the U.S.

Here the focus may be hair  accessories–think wig, tiara or a Santa Claus hat–or perhaps music, where each guest’s attire represents his interpretation of a song or band. The party that I went to last night was based on the theme, Mira Vos! translated in English as “look at you!” Had there been a competition, my friend and host pictured above would have taken the prize.

To visit the infamous pirate at his new humble abode were foreigners from as near as Venezuela and as far as South Africa. It was refreshing to meet others similar to myself, people who came to Buenos Aires and were trapped by some inexplicable force. The most exciting part of the night was meeting a fellow Persian. In D.C. that would be no more surprising than to meet an American, as there is a strong and growing Persian community. But here I have only met two with the same nationality since coming in March 2010!

The conversations last night revived my urge to share this experience with others, and hence brought this blog back to life. With that said, I will be speaking with you all soon!


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6 Responses to Jack Sparrow in San Telmo

  1. Jason Romero says:

    Sos una genia Sussie! I love to read you!

  2. sparsee says:

    Those persians are everywhere! We miss you in dc!

  3. Shima says:

    Yay your blog is back! Miss you lots!!

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