A day of mourning for MotoGP’s rising star

MotoGP race with Marco Simoncelli in fifth position

MotoGP race with the late Marco Simoncelli in fifth position.

MotoGP’s latest race in Malaysia ended tragically today with the death of Italian rider Marco Simoncelli. Early in the race, he lost control during a turn and was crashed into by friend Valentino Rossi and American competitor Colin Edwards.

The picture above shows Simoncelli in fifth place when I attended the race in Mugello this past summer. Seeing the race live made me appreciate this adrenaline-rushing sport, but watching this video of the beloved 24-year-old crushed at the neck by another rider will keep me on edge anytime I watch another race. I wonder if that is what makes this sport so appealing to men – the danger and suspense of what might happen at every turn and take-over.

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3 Responses to A day of mourning for MotoGP’s rising star

  1. I love watching moto gp and was deeply saddened by the news about MARCO

    would have been a world champion one day sadly wont get the opportunity

    RIP Marco

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