Spa time, as if the beach were not enough

Fantini Wave Spa in Cervia, Italy

Fantini Wave Spa on the beach in Cervia, Italy

Sun bathing at the beach is hard work under 100° F, so of course there would be a spa nearby. Any spa would be a pleasure, but one outdoors is much more indulging. During this trip, I made sure to schedule time for the Fantini Wave Spa in Cervia.

After running through the four-stage shower of hot and cold water shooting at my body from different angles, I hopped into the bed of salt like a four-year-old ready to build her castle in the sand. The goal is skin exfoliation, and the key is the salt of Cervia – one so special that it is praised with its own museum in the city. The salt is thick like a clump of tiny crystals, and according to experts it is sweeter than most others.

To rinse off, I went to the torture station. It involves a bucket of ice-cold water and a string you pull once ready for your shock treatment. Keeping in theme with the hot and cold switch-off, which is supposedly good for blood circulation, I moved into the sauna.

My tolerance is low for sweat and steam, so I quickly stepped out for a walk over the stones and what looked like pieces of tree bark (pictured above). I was hesitant because they reminded me of crazy people firewalking over hot stones, but it was actually very soothing to my feet. Tiny sprinklers are set throughout to keep them cool for the skeptical like me.

After I was done experimenting, I relaxed in the jacuzzi and continued the arduous task of tanning on comfy beds. Life. Is. Good.

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2 Responses to Spa time, as if the beach were not enough

  1. fataneh says:

    I’m jealous!!!:)

  2. 1cruzdelsur says:

    Muy bueno¡ Motivo de inspiración para escribir como siempre buenos post…
    Abrazos para ti…

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