Reached 1 thousand, going for 1 billion

Redskins game

The crowd goes wild for Riazi Snaps! In reality, they are going wild for the Redskins a couple years back.

Any blogger knows how addictive the stats page can be. You write about your creative recipes, travel adventures, book reviews, work frustrations and what have you to share with the world. Then, you check your stats page more times than you actually write to see with how many people you really are connecting.

Today I have crossed a milestone with 1,000 visitors at Riazi Snaps. Surely some of them are my friends, but as social as I am, I don’t have that many connections. To all of you who keep coming back, thank you! I would love to hear from you in the comments section, perhaps about similar places you have visited and what you liked about them.


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3 Responses to Reached 1 thousand, going for 1 billion

  1. Can’t keep up with you !!!!

  2. Shima says:

    wow that’s amazing, great job! xoxo

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