Welcome to the dolce vita, Milano Marittima

Milano Marittima, Italy

Front line of a beach bagno in Milano Marittima, Italy.

I never understood the European custom to spend entire summers by the beach. Options closest to where I grew up in U.S. include Ocean City and Virginia Beach, neither of which I can imagine staying a full week in. But after this trip, I’ve decided to live three months of the year in Milano Marittima – details like how to convince my boss are still a bit blurry.

This city has all the essentials for a summer get-away: sea, shops, clubs, and Italian men. I walked onto the beach with a towel in hand, ready to mark my territory in the sand, but about 99% of the space is divided into private bagni. Each starts with a mini clubhouse and extends to the water with rows of lounge chairs for rent. Just about all of them include added amenities, like a ping pong table, beach volleyball court, and jacuzzi.

Walking around the city center at night is like living a scene from a movie. Women are dressed in designer wear, strolling their kids around the street as if it were their personal runway. Past the line of shops with the likes of D&G, Furla and Gucci welcoming your credit card ’til midnight, there are trendy bars with open walls and music calling you in. Lamborghini and Ferrari cars are not unusual to find, even though bikes are the more practical mode of transportation here.

The party scene lives up to expectations, hosting two of the top clubs in Italy – Villa Papeete and Pineta. Perhaps that’s what attracted rapper Kanye West, who was in town the same week as I. Check out the next post for more on the good life in Milano Marittima.

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6 Responses to Welcome to the dolce vita, Milano Marittima

  1. Shima says:

    wow that’s awesome. i know where my next vacay will be… 😉

  2. matteo Mr Anesthesia says:

    suzan…. what about mr Anesthesia…. he’s walking alone ready to meet new smiling eyes… check it out…. and beware……..

  3. fataneh says:

    It sound like you had too much fun:-)

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