Racing under the Tuscan sun

MotoGP race in Mugello (Tuscany), Italy

MotoGP race in Mugello (Tuscany), Italy

I am not much of a race fan, be it cars or bikes, but I am always up for new experiences. The MotoGP race at the Mugello Circuit was a great starting point for me. However, as a novice I probably paid more attention to what was happening off the track than the fans cheering next to me.

The location was amazing, situated in pure nature with hills and an endless sight of trees that’s typical of the Tuscan region. More than 90,000 people were scattered at different ends of the winding track,  some dressed in red to support Ducati, some in yellow to support Valentino Rossi, and some in a bikini clearly missing the beach.

Moving farther away from the track, you see rows of RVs and camping tents for the people there since 12:00 am partying and making full use of the 24-hour ticket validity. There was one group of guys that were pure geniuses – they set up a kiddie pool at the top of the hill, keeping cool while having an unhindered view of the race.

The weirdest part of this experience was having to use the porta-potty. Instead of the typical toilets that you sit above a seat, these were of the 1800’s style that you squat a few inches above the ground and hope for good aim in the hole instead of on your shoes. Surprisingly, this was not the only place during my trip where I had to use such a “toilet.”

Finding our car was the last challenge for the day. Every flag and sort of signal that could have been used to mark where you parked your car was removed. It was like the parking attendants decided to play a huge prank on the tens of thousands enjoying the race. I tried to take it as a lesson of patience, and in less than two hours we were out and on our way to Milano Marittima.

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2 Responses to Racing under the Tuscan sun

  1. fataneh says:

    Very funny, this is the kind of the toilet most people still use in Iran. It just take a little practice for good aim in the hole instead your shoes:-)

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