Pit stop in Madrid

The Royal Palace of Madrid

The Royal Palace of Madrid.

Now that I’m back in Buenos Aires, I can finally share more details about my trip to Italy. To start, I had a very long flight that included a 10 hour layover in Madrid, Spain. I landed there at 6:00 am and took the metro to Puerta de Sol, a central stop for any tourist. It was a weird time to see the city.

On the metro, I saw a full mixture of people: travelers eager to reach their hotel, drunk people on their way home after a night of clubbing, and regular folks commuting to work. Walking around the city was just as interesting, with transvestite prostitutes passing by cops patrolling the same street and groups of teenagers passed out in front of a store’s entrance. There was trash littered everywhere. But by 9:00 am, they all disappeared and Madrid looked more like the city I had remembered when living there six years back.

The layover in Madrid was much more enjoyable when returning from Italy to Argentina, since the 10 hour break didn’t immediately follow a 12 hour flight. I walked around a few of the key spots to refresh my memory. Plaza Mayor was crowded as usual, with restaurants and shops lining it’s four-sided perimeter. From there, the summer heat made it seem to be a never-ending walk to El Palacio Real de Madrid (featured in the photo above). People were lined up to tour the grounds, but I preferred to spend my last few hours walking the streets and checking out the sales at El Corte Inglés.

In the coming days, I will continue to post about my latest trip. The MotoGP race in Mugello is up next.

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3 Responses to Pit stop in Madrid

  1. laurahartson says:

    gorgeous pic, looks like a fun place

  2. oh wow, this looks great. a far cry from the gloomy day im having at my desk 🙂 great post

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