Prepping for Italy

Ferrara Italy December 2009

A snap of the last time I was in Italy - Ferrara during winter 2009.

In exactly one week I am flying to Italy. The last time I was there was in December 2009 to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. I love being in Italy around those holidays – decorative lights spread throughout the cities somehow make me happier. It will be a nice change to go during Italy’s summer time. It’s winter in Argentina, and I need a break from wearing heavy coats.

Ferrara is always my main destination, although that’s usually the city where I spend the least amount of time. My itinerary for this trip isn’t fully planned out, but I will definitely be tanning by the beaches of Milano Marittima and watching the Moto Grand Prix race in Mugello.

I’ll be more timely with my posts during the trip so that you can see more of Italy. Check back again in July!

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4 Responses to Prepping for Italy

  1. Shima says:

    Hope you have an awesome time in Italy!

  2. Riazi Snaps says:

    Thanks Shima! I’m in Ferrara right now, about to head back to the beach in Milano Marittima:)

  3. livia says:

    ingles muy dificil!!! jajaja linda la foto!!!!

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