Hernán Pitocco, flying over the streets of Buenos Aires

Hernan Pittoco, paragliding superstar

Hernan Pittoco, paragliding superstar posing with D. after a flight over La Cumbre

A world champion of acrobatic paragliding, Hernan Pitocco was arrested last month for flying over Buenos Aires without permission. His excuse? He was stuck in a traffic jam and couldn’t be late. That’s what he told police officials, but really this was part of a commercial taping for his sponsor Red Bull. The marketing stunt worked, with videos and interviews featured on major TV outlets and newspapers like La Nacion and Clarin.

I met Pitocco last year when D., my ex-roommate from college, came to Argentina for a visit and we went paragliding in the province of Cordoba. Pitocco travels worldwide for competitions, but every once in a while he makes it back to his home country and hangs out with local paragliders. He was D.’s instructor (lucky girl). Nice, charismatic, and cute, we both became quick fans of his. Looking him up online, we found another from U.S. that wrote about Pitocco in the Washington Post a couple years ago.

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4 Responses to Hernán Pitocco, flying over the streets of Buenos Aires

  1. Jeanne says:

    Suzaaan! 😀 Love your blog! Te echo de menos, chica~~ Visitame en San Francisco, vale? ❤ Besos, J

  2. Shima says:

    love your blog and your writing 🙂

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