Rollin’ dice on a boat

Casino on a boat in Buenos Aires

Entrance to the casino in Puerto Madero, near the upscale waterfront of Buenos Aires

It’s no Vegas strip, but I just had to see this casino for myself. Located in Puerto Madero, the old port of Rio de la Plata, it is only appropriate to have gamblers unite on a boat.

I wasn’t expecting the Bellagio, but I was hoping for a better play on the boat theme. Perhaps I’m just bitter after losing 100 pesos in three minutes of playing roulette, the game that always helped me bounce back from a bad streak.

Three things grabbed my attention about this place:

1. Weird roulette rules.
The minimum for playing chance (black vs. red, even vs. odd) is way higher than playing the numbers. About 7x as much.

2. No free alchy.
All the casinos I’ve been to in US offer complimentary drinks to gamblers. Here, they charge full price. Not the smartest tactic, since a tipsy player means looser purse strings.

3. There are lots of slot machines.
I usually avoid the slots in US, but after my disappointment with roulette, these were the only games I could manage to play for more than 10 minutes. I was unusually excited after finding a roulette machine, and the minimum to play was 1 peso!

I’m glad to check this off my to-do list, but I doubt I will be back anytime soon. I had a lot of fun, but that was more due to company rather than place.

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